An old couple gets asked by a reporter ...

by Rudolf Faix Saturday, October 31, 2015 7:04 AM

An old couple gets asked by a reporter: "You are now 60 years married. How is it that they had a so harmonious marriage all these years?"

The husband takes his wife delicate hand and says gently: "It started everything on our honeymoon! We were on the road with mules to the Niagara Falls, as the animal of my wife stumbled! At the last second, my wife managed it to keep herself without plunging into the abyss on the animal and she mumbled only 'one'. A few kilometers later the animal fell a second time, my wife could prevent in the last second the fall in the depth and muttered only 'two'. It came as it should come, the animal fell a third time. Again my wife could only try utmost prevent the fall in the depth. This time she said 'three', rose from her Mule, pulled a 45 Magnum out of her backpack and shot the animal! As I was doing my displeasure and my objection about her behavior towards the animal my wife just looked at me and muttered 'one' ..."


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