A sixteen year old boy comes into a pharmacy

by Rudolf Faix Monday, October 26, 2015 3:54 AM

A sixteen year old boy comes into a pharmacy and says shyly that he would meet in the evening with a beautiful girl and now need something.

The pharmacist nods sympathetically: "You need a condom?"
"Yes. And besides, there's the mother of the girl, which is also very pretty and well ..."
"Do you need maybe a second?"
"Hmm, yes."
"You're right, my boy, Safety Counts."

In the evening, when the family of the girl - eating - the boy constantly holding his arm over his face and tilts his head to the floor and honors the other not even look.
After the meal the girl says to him: "If I had known what you have for manners, I would not have invited you."
"If I knew that your father is a pharmacist, I would not have come ..."


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