The Scottish national team has won a game

by Rudolf Faix Monday, November 2, 2015 7:00 AM

The Scottish national team has won a game.

The coach comes into the cabin and says: "Guys, you were great. You've honestly earned a refreshment. Come on, John, open the window!"


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Two motorcycle riders rush at a desert rally through the sand

by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, October 28, 2015 4:25 AM

Two motorcycle riders, Toni and Gerd, rush at a desert rally through the sand. When they discover a bush along the way, they stop to pee. All of a sudden a snake shoots out and bites Toni in his best piece. Pale it sinks into the sand, Gerd brings the radio rapidly and spark the doctor for help.

The doctor asks: "What color was the Snake?"
Gerd to Toni: "The doctor asks after the color of the serpent!"
Toni moans back: "Black with red patterns."
Gerd Sparks's by the doctor.

The doctor responds: "The Snake is very poisonous!"
Toni asks pressed: "What the doctor said?"
Gerd hesitantly: "The doctor says the Snake is very toxic."
Toni desperate: "Ask him what we can do."

Gerd sparks the question what to do is the doctor.
The doctor: "The bite site opens with the knife a little bit"
Gerd propagates the information and Toni, already quite weak performs the very painful cuts. He is very pale and struggling for air.
Gerd sparks back to the doctor: "What is to do now?"
Doctor: "You must suck now at the bite site!"
Toni gasps: "What the doctor said?"

Gerd slowly: "The doctor says you have to die..."


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