Excuse me, Mr. Policeman, ...

by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:57 AM

"Excuse me, Mr. Policeman, can I cross at this intersection if the traffic light shows red?"

"Yes, but you must first lift the arms."

"How it comes?"

"So they can better take off your shirt in the hospital."


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A policewoman regulates the traffic on a crossing ...

by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, October 27, 2015 1:31 PM

A policewoman regulates the traffic on a crossing.

She recognizes that she gets her period. Over the radio she asks for a replacement. Finally after three hours a policeman appears for her replacement. He is completely drunk.

The policewoman hisses at him: "Tell me, why are you coming late and completely drunk?"

The colleague babbles: "Your radio message that you have gotten your period has spread very quickly at the police station to all of us. Well, first Dieter has spent a drink, then Gunther has spent a drink, afterwards ... "


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Police | Relationships | Women

The Pope traveled by car through the deserted wasteland of Canada

by Rudolf Faix Sunday, October 25, 2015 4:06 PM

The Pope traveled by car through the deserted wasteland of Canada.

Suddenly the Pope says to his driver: "Let me take the wheel."
The chauffeur: "But Holy Father ..."

But the Pope adamant: "No one sees me and the Lord is with me ..."
Happy as a child he caught behind the wheel and drives off.
Only 60 miles, then 80 miles, 100 .... - until the siren of the Highway Police sounds.

The pope stops and the police knock on the window. Even before the Pope can say a word, they run to her car and spark to the headquarters. "We have here a speeding ..."
"Yes, collect the fines ..."

"But there is an important person."
"So, even if is is a minister, collect the fines!"

"But he is much more important!"
"Yes, who is he?"

"We do not know it, but the Pope is his driver ..."


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