Two people got arrested for the reason of one kilo of hash ...

by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, October 27, 2015 11:51 AM

Two people got arrested for the reason of one kilo hash. Due to their hitherto white vest the judge wants to let even show mercy for rule of law: "so ladies and gentlemen, today is Friday. You get a unique chance of me. You go out this weekend and convince young people for not taking drugs. On Monday yiu'll report to me and then we see what happens."

On the following Monday, both are available as agreed.
"So", the judge turns to his evil-doers, "what have you accomplished?"

The first responds: "I convinced 25 young people for not taking drugs again."
"What 25? That's employed so huge, how did you do it?"

"Easy. I drew a big circle, like this: O and a little like this: o. Then have I shown on the first circuit and said: 'look, this is your brain before you take drugs.' While I was on the smaller circle I continued: 'this is your brain after you have taken drugs.'"
The judge is totally enthusiastic: "This is great, sensational. I wonder why nobody else did have such idea until now."

The second defendant answered on the same question: "Mr. Chairman, I was able to convince 194 young people."
"194? Ridiculous. How did you do that?"

"Well, I have a small circle like this: o and a larger like this: O. Then have I shown on the small circle and said: 'This is your asshole before you were in jail ...'"


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