A brief political training ...

by Rudolf Faix Sunday, October 25, 2015 12:56 PM

A brief political training ...

The little son goes to his father and asks him if he could explain to him what politics is.

The father says: Of course, I can tell you that. Take, for example or our family. I bring the money home, so let's call me the capitalism. Your mother manages the money, so let's call her the government. We both almost take exclusively care to your health, so you and your little broter are the folk. Our maid is the working class and your little brother, who is still in diapers, is the future. Did you understand that?"

The little son is not sure and want to get some sleep over it. At night he wakes up, because his younger brother has made to the diapers and screams. He gets up and knocks on the parents bedroom, but his mother is in deep sleep and does not wake up. So he goes to the maid and finds his father in bed with her. But the two do not interfere by his repeated knocking. So he goes back to bed and continues sleeping.

In the morning the father asks him if he knows what politics would be and if he can explain it in his own words.

The son replied: "Yes, now I know the capitalism abused the working class while the government is asleep, the folk will get totally ignored and the future is full of shit..!"


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