A settlers moved to northern Canada and prepares himself for the winter

by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:46 AM

A settlers moved to northern Canada and prepares himself for the winter. As he is so good things at chopping wood, an Indian riding along.
"Hey Indian", the settlers asks, "how the next winter will probably be?"
"Winter are cold," replies the Indian with serious mine.

Because thinking about the settlers and thinks to himself: well, a couple more chopped logs wouldn't hurt. Up here in the north, the winters are definitely hard.

As he continues with his work the Indian come over again.
"Hey Winnetou, say it honest, how hard will be the winter?"
"Winter will be very, very hard!" tells of the Indian and moves on.

"Oh God!", thinks of the settlers with horror, "that is determined a particularly harsh winter this year".
And so he chops, he chops through the whole night like a possessed man.

As he soaked in sweat and surrounded by wood logs he still chops the next morning.
Rides the Indian again along and says with worried mine says: "It will be the hardest winter since time immemorial, Hough!"
"Damn it, red skin, how do you want to know this?", the settler screams at the end of his tether.

"Ancient Indian wisdom: If white men chops a lot wood, winter are very cold!"


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A young girl has been running out of gas in the Prairie

by Rudolf Faix Monday, October 26, 2015 2:33 AM

A young girl has been running out of gas in the Prairie. An Indian takes her back on his horse. Every few minutes the rider encounters a wild scream. Finally, he sets off the girl at a gas station and rided away with a wild last scream.

"What have you done?", asks her the attendant.

"Nothing," answered the girl, "I have sat behind him and held me to the saddle horn."

"My dear child, Indian riding bareback..."


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A cowboy meets a lonely Indian

by Rudolf Faix Sunday, October 25, 2015 1:44 PM

A cowboy (in his capacity ventriloquist) meets a lonely Indian with a dog, a horse and a sheep.
Cowboy: "May I speak with your dog?"
Indian: "Dog cannot talk."

Cowboy: "Hey, old dog, how are you doing?"
Dog: "Oh, I'm fine, my master treats me well, feeds me, goes with me out twice a day ..."
The Indian looked quite surprised.

Cowboy: "Oh, let me talk with your horse?"
Indian: "Horse can not talk."

Cowboy: "Hey, old horse, how are you doing?"
Horse: "Oh, I'm feeling super. My master treated me well, rubbing me dry, feeds me ...!"

The Indian is even more surprised.

Cowboy: "Can I talk to your sheep?"
Indian: "Sheep is lying ..."


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