An atheist goes to hell

by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, November 3, 2015 1:00 PM

An atheist goes to hell.

He wonders. Everything beautiful. Beach, Sun, sea, bars, beautiful girl.

The devil greets him: "Welcome!"

The atheist is puzzled and strolls along the beach. There, he discovered a deep hole in the ground. Blazing flames burn screaming people.
Pure agony.

Horrified, he runs back to the devil and asks him what has to mean the hole and if he must also go in there.

The devil says: "No, my friend. The hole is only for Christians, who want it so!"


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As with every human being at some point comes to an end

by Rudolf Faix Sunday, October 25, 2015 4:38 PM

As with every human being at some point comes to an end. Once, so it comes naturally for our Pope too.
Well, the pope dies and stands before the door of heaven. Nothing happens.
Quietly, he knocks on, and noticed that the door is ajar. He opens it and finds not one.
He wonders: "No one who greets me. No welcoming committee?"

At least one plate is set, reads: "To the apartments of the pope along here."
The Pope follows the signs, enters his well-furnished room and found a plate with yogurt on the table.
"Hmm, well, bit skimpy for a welcome dinner, but what the heck," he thinks and eat it.
The next day there again yogurt. And in the evening again. And the day after.

The Pope is thinking and also throws a look out the window at the hell that you can see from above quite well. There is feast with women and wine, vegetable and meat.

"Very well," the Pope thinks, "I should get well-tested here." He awaits the things to come.

Boring dying three weeks later, only yogurt is for the Pope too monotonous. Indignant he sets out to the chef and confronts him: "The whole day only yogurt. Is there not something else available?"

God replies: "Do you really think that I'll cook for the two of us?"


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