Four clergymen are after work sitting together

by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, November 3, 2015 11:00 PM

Four clergymen are after work sitting together.

"You know," says one, "we're really good friends. Perhaps we take this opportunity once again to speak about our problems."
All nod in agreement.

"Let me confide in you that I drink too much.", admits the first.
The other three sigh.

The second: "Since you, dear brother, are so honestly to us, I dare to confess that I indulging the passion for gambling. I was even haunted the desire to take money from the poor box.."
Again sigh the other three.

"Dear brothers, I am totally messed up, I have taken affection for a woman in my community - and she is even married.", the third says.
The other three sigh again.

Finally, the fourth should also express his biggest problem, but he still resists. The other three are talking to him well: "Don't worry. Your problem is in good hands with us We are concealed and do not tell it to anyone."

"Yeah, well, I do not know how to say it, but my problem is: I am a terrible gossiper and can not keep a secret for me ..."


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