Four students from the University of Sydney ...

by Rudolf Faix Tuesday, October 27, 2015 12:14 PM

Four students from the University of Sydney were so good in organic chemistry that they have so far passed all their tests, examinations and practicals in this semester with the highest rating. They were so sure to provide the final exam, so they decided to go the weekend before the test to Canberra, where some friends threw a party.
They amused themselves well.

After vigorous Celebrate slept all day Sunday and did not make it until Monday morning - the day of the exam - back to Sydney.

The four students told to the professor that they had a little research in Canberra in the archives of the Australian National University. They thought that they would be back soon enough, but on the way back they had a flat tire and no jack there. It has taken a long time to find someone which has been able to help. That is the reason why they arrived only now!

The professor thought about it and then allowed them to make up for the final exam the next day.
The students were incredibly relieved and happy.
They learned through the night, and the next day they came in time for the due date for the Professor.
The professor brought each student in another room, gave them the tasks and told them they should start.

The first task brought five points.
It was something simple about a radical reaction.
"Cool", covered all four students in their separate rooms, "this will be an easy test."

Each of them wrote down the answer and turned the sheet.

There has been written: "2. task (95 points): Which tire has been flat?"


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