To all employees

by Rudolf Faix Sunday, October 25, 2015 12:35 PM

To all employees

Notes to the employment contract (administrative leave in certain cases)

  • Disease
    Disease is not an excuse. A certificate from a doctor is not evidence. If you were able to see the doctor, you could also come to work.

  • Death in the family
    Will not apologized. For the deceased, you cannot do anything anyway and someone else might as well take the necessary measures. If you place the burial in the late afternoon, we can give you half an hour earlier free - but only if you have completed your work.

  • Private fatality
    You can count on our understanding, if you
    1. Let us know at least two weeks in advance of your death, so that we can set a spare power in time.
    2. Call no later than 8:00 clock, so that we can take appropriate action.
    3. Your and submit the signature of the attending physician that you are dead and that from a medical perspective your work force could not be obtained any longer. In the absence of the two signatures, the absences will be fully deducted from annual leave.

  • Surgical procedures
    Surgery to our labor are prohibited. We have set as you are. The removal or alteration of a part of you is contrary to the agreed contract.

  • Silver or golden wedding
    For such occasions, no exemption can be granted. If you are married 25 or 50 years with the same person, you should be glad if you can go to work.

  • Birthdays
    That you were born is certainly not your merit. Therefore, we see no reason to you to grant an exemption in such cases.

  • Birth of a child
    For such missteps of our employees, is of course no administrative leave provided. You had your fun already.


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