An unemployed person is applying as a cleaning man at Microsoft ...

by Rudolf Faix Thursday, October 29, 2015 8:31 AM

An unemployed person is applying as a cleaning man at Microsoft.

The boss invites him for an interview and an aptitude test (wipe the floor).
Finally he tells him: "You're hired. Give me your E-Mail and I will send you a form to the complete and tell you when and where you should register on the first day."
The unemployed, totally desperate, responds that he had no computer and has no email.
The chef tells him that if he has no email, he virtually doesn't exist and cannot get the job.

Desperate, the man goes. He no longer knows what to do and has only 10 US$ in his pocket. He decides to buy in the supermarket a box of 10 kilo tomatoes. He sold the tomatoes in less than 2 hours individually for twice of the price. He repeated this twice and returned with US$ 80 home.

So he recognizes that he could make his life in this manner. Every day he gets up earlier and comes back home, and multiplied his money.

He buys a cart a little bit later, then swap it for a van and a little later against a fleet of vans.
After a few years, the man is the owner of one of the largest vegetable distributors in the United States.

So he's thinking about the future of his family and decides to take out a life insurance policy. He gets a consultant, choose an insurance plan, and when the call is ended, the advisor address requesting the email to send the request to the man.

The man responds to the consultant that he possessed no email.
"Strangely", the counsultant tells him, "You have no email and did it anyway, to build such an empire. Imagine, you were what today, if you have an email!"
The man thought, and replied: "I would be a cleaning guy at Microsoft!"

Moral of the story:

  • Internet does not regulate your life.
  • If you are cleaning guy at Microsoft, email make friends.
  • If you have no E-Mail and work hard, you can become a millionaire.
  • If you got this story by E-Mail you are closer to become to be a cleaning staff than millionaire ...


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