Neumann has bought a new VW sedan ...

by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:59 AM

Neumann has bought a new VW sedan. His Turkish neighbor has also purchased a new Opel.
Both washing outside the house their showpieces and eyeing each other.
Neumann used as wax the very latest cry of wax seals from the hardware store.
The Turk grows his car also thoroughly.

Now Neumann wants to show it to the neighbors, it will bring a bucket of water and pours it on his new car. The water runs off like a fat sausage casing. Neumann looks the Turks triumphantly. Then the Turk goes into his garage, brings a hacksaw and sawed off a piece from the exhaust of his car.

Then he says brightly: "You are a Christian, you baptize your car, I'm Moslem, I circumcise my car.


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