A blonde comes completely dissolved into a gas station ...

by Rudolf Faix Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:58 AM

A blonde comes completely dissolved into a gas station, "Please, you must help me .. I have my keys locked in the car .. what do I do now ???"

The attendant has to keep his laughing back: "Have you at least the window a little bit open?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure ..." said she.

"Well," says the attendant, "then you try it with this wire loop the release button again .."
"You are a treasure," says the blonde, and goes out with the wire loop.

Ten minutes later, another customer enters the service station and can barely keep up with laughter.
"What's going on," asked the attendant.
You never believe, "the man says: out there on a car is a blonde and tries to pull up the lock button with a wire loop ".

"Yes .. and," asks the attendant ... "That can not happen every time ..."

"Yeah .." snorts the man, "but in the car, there still sits a second blonde and says further to the right .. no .. too far to the left again ....!"


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